Over head Power & Free Conveyor

• For many years "power and free" conveyor systems have provided manufacturers the flexibility to handle most complex production requirements. They are ideally suited for handling products through painting and assembly operations, as well as product delivery and storage.   

• Pars sanaat has provided numerous power and free systems to convey a wide range of products, including car bodies.
• Pars sanaat offers a complete range of 3", 4" and 6" power and free conveyors. By using single or multiple trolleys, combined with different combinations of chain and track, virtually any size, shape or weight of product can be conveyed, 

       Power and Free Conveyor Systems Allow: 

• Loads to be switched to different lines for sorting or re-circulating, 
• Loads to be stopped and/or accumulated at work stations or storage areas, 
• Load centers and conveyor speeds to be varied to suit conditions, 
• Loads to easily negotiate inclines and declines for elevation changes,