Inverted Power & Free Conveyor

•Inverted power and free conveyors provide the same features of overhead power and free systems with the additional advantage of complete accessibility to the product. This feature makes this material handling solution one of the best for painting or robotic operations in your manufacturing facility.

 This material handling solution is used most often for coating or assembly purposes where hanging devices would interfere with the operator or robotic operation. On each project, Pars Sanaat engineers work with the customer to design a system that will maximize your facilities' productivity.

Available in three-, four- and six-inch sizes, Pars Sanaat inverted power and free conveyor systems effectively and efficiently handle your load requirement from the smallest part to several thousand pounds.

Power and Free conveyor are consisting of:

• Rivet less chain
• Trolleys
• Monorails
• Vertical Bends
• Tension unit
• Horizontal Bend
• Dirt and finger guards
• Forward run stop for 4" and 6" conveyor
• Backward run stop for 4" and 6" conveyor