Screw conveyor

An essential part of many powder and granular material conveying and storage systems.

Simple - robust - easily maintained - low cost - versatile.

In general most free flowing materials and many with poor flow characteristics can be successfully handled.

The standard specification is also easily tailored to suit abrasive, damp, wet, sticky, oily, fluidized, hot, cold and other aggressive environments.

  • Capacities from less than 0.5m3/hr to more than 2000m3/hr.
  • Wide range of standard machines with options to suit most applications.
  • U’ through and tubular designs.
  •  Special designs for unusual applications.
  • Modular design allows easy configuration and assembly.

Screw conveyors serve the manufacturing industry in a wide variety of applications: conveying, distributing, collecting, mixing, heating, cooling, elevating, batching, blending, aerating, and providing crystallization or coagulant action.